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​Overheating diagnostics • Radiator repair and replacement  • Coolant hose repair and replacement • Thermostat repair and replacement • Heater core repair and replacement • Water pump repair and replacement • Fan replacement

Are you looking for professional cooling system repair in Tampa?

Your car’s cooling system is crucial to the health of the engine. Many engine issues can be identified due to heating caused by leaking or contaminated coolant fluids, damaged cooling fans or the radiator leaks.

At Cruz Motorsports, we understand how important a good cooling system is in extending the life of your car. We have long years of experience dealing with cooling system repair in Tampa, We can advise you on how you can keep your cooling system and radiator working in top condition for a longer period. We are equipped with the right team and equipment to offer you effective services. Before we start working, we will provide you with a genuine repair estimate and ensure there will be no hidden charges.

Call us now to know more about our cooling system repair services.