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Complete Tune-Up Service • Maintenance  • Diagnostic • Repair

Car and truck tune-up and maintenance services from the specialists

If you want to get optimum car performance and want to enhance the life of your car, you should hire tune-up and maintenance services on a regular basis.  A well-tuned car is more efficient on gas, functions and is also good on the environment.  A well-maintained engine delivers the best balance of power and fuel economy. It produces the lowest level of emissions.

At Cruz Motorsports, we provide reliable car and truck tune-up and maintenance services and repair in Tampa, FL. We have the right team and equipment to ensure you are getting the best auto tune-up and maintenance services.

What is an auto tune-up?

An auto tune-up refers to the inspection or in some cases replacement of air and fuel filters, spark plugs and spark coils. It also includes the inspection of positive crankcase ventilation valve.  Auto tune-ups also include cleaning of the fuel system and air intake system.  Our technicians are experienced to deal with any complex situation and can fix the problem as soon as possible.

When will you need car tune-up services?

There are many signs that indicate you will need car tune-up services. The major signs that indicate it is the right time for a tune-up:

  • You notice less power

  • Inspect the engine light

  • Decrease in the fuel economy

  • Stopping, knocking, or uneven idling

  • Difficulty in starting the vehicle


Whenever you notice the above signs, you should get in touch with us for trustworthy tune-up services. We offer a complete range of car and truck tune-up and maintenance services and repair in Tampa, FL.

Why are car and truck tune-ups essential?

Today’s car and truck engines are better built and are more fuel efficient. But when your vehicle needs a tune-up, you should bring it to us as we have professionals with the right knowledge and experience to fix the issue right.  Auto tune-ups restore power, performance and fuel economy.  They will make sure starts are easy and there is a reduction in harmful emissions.

Cruz Motorsports provides a complete range of car and truck tune-up and maintenance services

We are a one-stop destination for all your auto tune-up and maintenance needs. Our wide range of services include

  • Oil and filter change, serpentine belt replacement transmission fluid system flush

  • Transmission fluid drain and fill, wiper blade replacement

  • Engine light diagnosis, emissions repair, ignition wire replacement, spark plug replacement

  • Clutch repairs & replacement, transmission service, repair or replacement

  • Cabin air filter replacement, coolant drain and fill, coolant system flush, differential fluid drain and fill

  • Fuel system cleaning, headlight replacement, lift support replacement

  • Lighting repair and replacement, power window & door lock diagnosis and repair

  • And more


The car and truck tune-up and maintenance specialists at Cruz Motorsports will ensure your vehicle gets the best possible services for better engine performance and fuel economy. We will go out of the way to exceed your expectations every time. Also, our specialists are always eager to help clients with valuable suggestions or advice.


Call us at (813) 447-1349 to discuss your needs or schedule your appointment with us.