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Shocks and Struts • Alignment  • Springs • Bushings • Hubs and Bearings • Control Arm • Sway Bars • And all Suspension Components

Rely on experts for top quality car suspension repair and services

Your car suspension system  is an integral part of your car as it supports the overall control and offers you a smooth ride even if the road is the roughest.  It uses a system of springs and shock absorbers to lessen the jolts caused by the bumps, potholes and other difficulties found on different types of surfaces. With time, the shock absorbers and springs wear off making your ride rough. Disregarding the damage will not only make your ride rough but will also result in excessive tire wear and reduced stability and handling.

With proper car suspension repair and services in Tampa, FL; you will save money on extra repairs and help your car last longer. At Cruz Motorsports, we have trained technicians to perform high-quality car suspension repair to provide you a smooth ride and driver safety. We provide complete services including alignment test, shock & strut mount repair and replacement, hock repair and replacement, steering component repair and replacement and more.

Call us to know more about our car suspension repair and services in Tampa, FL.