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Spark Plugs • Coil Packs • Fuel Pumps • Fuel Filter • Gas Tank • Fuel Injectors • Fuel Lines • Induction System Cleaning • Throttle Body Intake Manifold

Do you want to keep the fuel system of your car in a top condition?

The ignition and fuel systems of your vehicle are some of the more important components and will ensure your vehicle runs at peak performance. It also impacts the durability of your vehicle’s engine. So, you need to ensure that your vehicle ignition and fuels systems are in good running condition.

If you need car ignition and fuel system repair and services in Tampa, FL, you should count on experts at Cruz Motorsports.  Whether you require repair or maintenance service, our reliable service will get you back on the road. We offer spark plug replacement, coil pack replacement, spark plug wire replacement, fuel filter replacement, fuel injector repair and replacement and more. We have the experience and skills to serve you better every time.

Speak to one of our (813) 447-1349 to discuss your needs.